Note: All information contained on this page is tentative, except for the dates of Exam 01 and Exam 02.

Dates, Times, and Content

Additional information can be found at the CBTF scheduler:

Exam 00A (Orientation Exam)

  • Start: Tuesday, January 21
  • End: Sunday, February 2

Exam 00A is an optional, but highly recommended 50 minute “exam” that will help you become familiar with the CBTF. It will not count for or against your grade. You will get practice using the scheduler to reserve a time, finding and checking into the CBTF, being guided by the proctors (classroom-style), and taking a PrairieLearn quiz that’s focused on teaching students how to be successful in the CBTF and with PrairieLearn.

Exam 00B (Syllabus Exam)

  • Start: Wednesday, February 5
  • End: Friday, February 7

Exam 00B is a required 50 minute “exam” that will help you become familiar with STAT 432 specifics at the CBTF. In particular, this “exam” will contain a PrairieLearn quiz that includes STAT 432 questions that require R and RStudio to complete. This will be an opportunity to practice using R and RStudio in the CBTF.

While Exam 00B does not appear as part of your grade, failure to complete Exam 00B will have two negative effects on grades:

  • A 10% reduction on Exam 01.
  • Forfeiture of accommodation rights in the event of a technology issue on future exam.

If you register for the course on or after the dates for Exam 00B, contact the course instructor immediately and accommodation will be provided if necessary.

Exam 01

  • Start: Wednesday, February 26
  • End: Friday, February 28

Exam 01 will cover the material from Quiz 01 to Quiz 05.

Exam 02

  • Start: Wednesday, April 15
  • End: Friday, April 17

Exam 02 will cover the material from Quiz 06 to Quiz 10.

CBTF Policies

Please be aware of the CBTF policies:

If you encounter a technology issue during the exam, you must file an incident report with a proctor. Without documentation, we cannot provide accommodation for technology errors encountered during an exam.

Many technology issues can be solved by simply restarting RStudio.

Academic Integrity

In short, do not cheat. In addition to the Academic Integrity policies outlined by the CBTF, STAT 432 will hold itself to a higher standard. Any violation will be punished as harshly as possible, which at minimum is a failing grade on the exam.

A non-exhaustive list of academic integrity violations:

You are correct that some of these things may be hard to detect, but in addition to writing the exam in a manner that makes transferring this type of information less useful, we have other methods that you are likely unaware of to detect the above violations.

Be aware that the exam window goes until Friday for Exam 01 and Exam 02. However, this does not mean that you may discuss the exam at that time as there may be makeup exams in rare circumstances. Do not discuss any part of the exams until it is announced that you may do so.


You will be given 1 hour and 50 minutes to complete the exams (Exam 01 and Exam 02) which will be administered through PrairieLearn. You will have access to R and RStudio with a large set of packages installed. (Those seen in the quizzes.) The question format will mirror that seen in the quizzes. Some quiz questions will reappear during the exams.

While quizzes allow for unlimited attempts, on exams you will have multiple, but not unlimited attempts.

If you get a question incorrect, a new version will not be generated, however you will not see the submission hints. Follow-up attempts will have the same version of the problem. (This is different than the quizzes where you always get a new version.)

Exam 00B will be extremely useful for understanding the above scoring.

In addition to multiple attempts, there will be more questions available than are needed to obtain 100% on Exam 01 and Exam 02. Point cutoffs to obtain full marks will be released in advance of the exams.

R Packages

The following packages are available for use in the CBTF. This list does not imply that you need to know these packages. It is only for your reference.

Provided Notes

This section will be updated in advance of Exam 01 and Exam 02. Generally, expect that no notes will be provided. Some relevant but annoying to remember definitions may be provided.

Tips for Studying